Online Sunglasses Store Aims to Help Wildfire Victims

Sizen to donate generously to California Wildfire Relief Fund

Vallejo, CA - September 7, 2018 - California-based sunglasses company Sizen announced a new initiative today designed to support and give back to wildfire-affected communities around the state. Sizen will donate a portion of each sale of its high-quality, budget-friendly sunglasses for men and women to the California Community Foundation's Wildfire Relief Fund.

Since its recent launch, Sizen has quickly established that though the company is focused on providing a range of price-accessible sunglasses for style-conscious consumers online, it also views itself as a responsible and active member of the local California business community. Californians have spent the last several years fighting a plague of wildfires that have swept through California forests and into densely-populated neighborhoods. The California Community Foundation's Wildfire Relief Fund has raised over $5 million to help affected residents find recovery and relief after wildfires have cost them homes, jobs, and their mental and physical health. Sizen's generous and ongoing donations to the Wildfire Relief Fund will support rebuilding efforts across the state.

“Most of us here at Sizen know someone that were affected by the Wildfires last year” Trevor Johnson, CEO of Sizen said. “Sizen’s headquarters are in Vallejo, less than 20 miles from Napa, where much of the destruction occurred. We felt compelled to act, especially since the need for support will likely continue for years.”

Sizen's donation, which includes a portion of every sale of its sunglasses, provides critical resources and support for Californians effected by wildfires. Founded in August 2018, Sizen burst onto the accessories scene with its promise that consumers can find quality, stylish, and cheap sunglasses online through its website at Sizen's commitment to consumers includes not only providing excellent products and prices, achieved through creative partnerships with brand name sunglasses suppliers, but offering community service and support. The company encourages people to "Love what you wear," and carefully selects its product offerings to ensure consumers always find something new to love when shopping with Sizen. Its newly-announced donation efforts offer consumers yet another reason to enjoy shopping with Sizen.

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